Alchermes Cassata

Cassata AlchermesAlchermes Cassata, the new sublime creation of Scimone’s confectionery.

From our wise union with Haute Patisserie Scimone together with an innovative impulse coherent with Sicilian tradition, Alchermes Cassata, a surprise for the palate, comes to life:

Pure sheep’s milk ricotta cream spread on a sponge cake layer soaked in Alchermes liqueur merging into a perfect embrace with dusted pistachio, which enshrouds the triumph of taste.

Cassata Alchermes
Alchermes Cassata is available on, it will be sent to your address immediately the day after your online order.


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Isothermal Packaging – Unboxing Videos

Our isothermal packaging is the result of many years of experience; it has been designed to transport desserts preserving the integrity and freshness of our products.

Cannoli, for example, are packed one by one with a special food wrap, afterwards they are inserted into appropriate containers inside a thermal box with a powerful refrigerant.

To prove the efficiency of our packaging and our logistics, we asked some of our loyal customers to shoot a live video during the delivery and the opening of the packaging.

You can give a glance on the results watching our Unboxing videos.