50% Sicilian Almonds Marzipan

Reale_box_LCThe best from the Sicilian confectionary tradition on Cannoli.online

With a click you can buy our delicious marzipan in different versions (also martorana fruit or royal paste).  It is 50% made of Sicilian Almonds according to the ancient recipe.

Available also on CannoliClick.com, the classic fruits and the small Paschal lambs: beautiful masterpieces decorated with meringue and chocolate.


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24 Replies to “50% Sicilian Almonds Marzipan”

  1. Guys, these sheep of marzipans are fantastic! We put them under our New Year tree, pity just very few survived because our kids just love them. We ordered them a bit in advance but the delivery is fast. You guys do all for the customer’s satisfaction and it is highly appreciated, thanks a lot.

  2. I love marzipans and very glad that now it’s possible to enjoy them not only in Italy. Your products are of a high quality, and the customer service is flexible and responsive, plus fast delivery. Thank you.

  3. Dear Don Leo please accept my gratitude and compliments. Your marzipans are of excellent quality, the taste of almond is wonderful. Reasonable price and good service, many thanks.

  4. Here is my feedback: I love the colors, tender almond taste, marzipans look bright and inviting, they create a holiday atmosphere. Nice shop.

  5. These fruit look like work of art,very beautiful,our little daughter loves it. Thank you and looking forward to try something else from your tasty place lol

  6. Hi,
    after a positive experience we ordered a combinated box with cheeses and sweets. Many thanks and compliments for effective service and fast delivery. And, of course, the quality of food meets all our expectations.

  7. Dear Don Leo, this year starts with your marzipans, bright and beautiful like Italy itself! We love your shop, coming back soon!

  8. Hello, here is my feedback. First, the product is good. It’s fresh, beautiful and tasty. Secondly, I like your approach to customers, you are nice people and do your work well. Third, I got my order very fast, delivery is arranged well. Good online shop and professional people, thank u.

  9. Hi!
    Got your box today, tnx,
    all as promised & even better,
    from now on, ur marzipans is my passion lol

  10. Good evening,
    your marzipans are greatly appreciated: perfect balance of sweetness and almond taste. And they are very beautiful, best regards to their creator 🙂
    Many thanks!

  11. Little marzipan sheep for our Easter installation, they are so beautiful, my kids love them so much, thank you for this nice idea! Happy Easter to you and your families!

  12. Your marzipans are equally beautiful and delicious. My kids just love it.
    Thank you don Leo, we will definitely try some other of your gourmet items.

  13. Hello Don Leo, got your marzipan package, fast and punctual, as agreed. Delicious almond taste and they look so cute, thank u!

  14. Hi
    Tasty, punctual and also fresh, tried marzipans long time ago in Sicily. I am happy to know that it is possible to buy them online. Thanks.

  15. Strong almond taste, reasonably sweet and looking beautiful – this is about your marzipans 🙂 I will definitely recommend you to my friends and try other delights from your company, thank you for professionalism and care.

  16. Hi, thank you very much for the possibility to try Italian sweets all year round. After cannoli we ordered marzipans and also cassata to be tried. So far we are satisfied with the level of your service and delivery, and your chef does a good job to create this delicious stuff. Thank you and keep it up!

  17. Hi! I used your services for the first time under advise of my Italian friends and very grateful for this gastronomic discovery. Very tasty things, reasonable prices and good delivery organization. To be recommended.

  18. Your marzipans are like sweet toys, so nice to look at! Decisive almond taste, arrived very fresh, thanks

  19. These marzipans are melting in the mouth 🙂 Very good combination of a sweet taste and strong almond flavour,
    and kids just love how they look

  20. Generally speaking, it was a positive first experience: you get what you order and in scheduled terms, the sweets come fresh and carefully packed, definitely this shop knows how to handle food and customers. Coming back for sure.

  21. Too beautiful to eat.. and also too tasty to stay away (lol) best marzipans online, thank you don Leo!

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