50% Sicilian Almonds Marzipan

Reale_box_LCThe best from the Sicilian confectionary tradition on Cannoli.online

With a click you can buy our delicious marzipan in different versions (also martorana fruit or royal paste).  It is 50% made of Sicilian Almonds according to the ancient recipe.

Available also on CannoliClick.com, the classic fruits and the small Paschal lambs: beautiful masterpieces decorated with meringue and chocolate.


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24 Replies to “50% Sicilian Almonds Marzipan”

  1. Your marzipans are like sweet toys, so nice to look at! Decisive almond taste, arrived very fresh, thanks

  2. These marzipans are melting in the mouth 🙂 Very good combination of a sweet taste and strong almond flavour,
    and kids just love how they look

  3. Generally speaking, it was a positive first experience: you get what you order and in scheduled terms, the sweets come fresh and carefully packed, definitely this shop knows how to handle food and customers. Coming back for sure.

  4. Too beautiful to eat.. and also too tasty to stay away (lol) best marzipans online, thank you don Leo!

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