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If you are searching online for the best desserts of Sicilian culinary tradition, then you are searching for and Scimone’s Confectionery.

Foto-10_01_14-23.36.54-1Scimone, traditional Master Pastry chefs since 1950 (since Grandpa Carmelo’s times), delight even the most exigent palates with their pastry making: genuine as genuine is Palermo, the place where these delicacies are created.

Ancient recipes as ancient are the secrets which make Sicilian pastries inimitable. Traditional tastes which are as special as the secrets which have made them unparalleled. Unique ingredients such as pure sheep’s milk ricotta, which can be found only in Sicily. Refined products as refined are the palates they delight.


New and old recipes have been put together; culinary discoveries and enhanced ancient flavors. The simplicity of natural resources together with ancient complex techniques makes Sicilian pastry-making at Scimone’s as amazing as the culture that has given birth to it.

Scimone Confectionery’s love towards the haute patisserie and their desire of astonishing the customer have been preserved during all these years in which Angelo Scimone and his brother Aldo have reinforced their father’s activity.
An experience that has been handed down for three generations and which now includes innovation without betraying tradition.

Dita_apostolo_BLOG_art2_LCScimone’s  Confectionery and Apostle’s Fingers: Their originating legend is the metaphor of their success. It is said that the Prior of a Franciscan monastery had his fingers cut off for disobeying an absolute prohibition. Stealing is a sin, subtracting this delicacy from the other friars could not be forgiven!

In every myth there is a piece of truth and anyone who tastes Scimone’s Apostle’s fingers is aware of that: a delicate mousse made of cream and ricotta wrapped in a soft and thin egg pastry sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, these delicacies have reached such a level of excellence that is impossible to find imitators in Palermo.

Moreover, a new season of cultural exchanges has been inaugurated in Sicily, involving gastronomic traditions from different Sicilian regions. This event has enriched the range of products and the competitiveness of Scimone’s pastry shop.

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Immediately the day after your online order, the cassata, cannoli, sfincione, Apostle’s fingers, arancini, mignon pastries, Savoy cake, Almond cake, marzipan fruits, almond sweets and many other delicacies. will be shipped directly to your home and will arrive within 24 hours, traveling inside special containers at a controlled temperature.

Delight your palate with and Scimone’s Confectionery.

The following amateur video shows the production of fresh ricotta, which is delivered to the pastry shop by the master cheese maker; afterwards, you can take a look at the making process of true Sicilian Cannoli, from the sieve to the filling process!


Chocolate Arancini Have Arrived!

A_Cioccolato_LCSome days ago, one of our best clients Luigi, who had already tasted our traditional arancini, enthusiastically suggested us to offer our beloved clients the sweet version: chocolate arancini.

To be honest I wasn’t aware of their existence, but I was really tempted by the idea, so I immediately called our pastry chef who confirmed that chocolate arancini were not only delicious, but they were also part of the Sicilian culinary tradition. He told me he used to prepare them many years ago, and that nowadays it is almost impossible to find them.

He cooked some chocolate arancini for me, and right after tasting, I decided to put them online!

Rice is cooked with the milk and it goes perfectly well with chocolate. The taste of the crispy coating combined with a sweet filling make of this arancino a tasty masterpiece!

It is impossible to resist them! During the photo shooting for our website (, our photographer Mario and I were always eating them, and no arancino was left!

Chocolate arancini will be prepared immediately the day after the online order and sent within the 24 hours with UPS Express Saver.


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Arancini or Arancine, a real delicacy!

Have you ever tasted Palermo’s Arancini? Here we call them Arancine and I can assure you they are a real delicacy! Now available just a click away on

You can enjoy them as a snack, as an appetizer, as a first course or as an all-in-one course, since each one has an average weight of about 200 gr.

Immediately the day after the online order they will be prepared, blast-chilled and put inside a special container, then put into a polystyrene packaging and sent within the 24h with UPS Express Saver.

They are available in assorted packs of 10, 20 or 30 pieces (arancine with butter, meat or both).

An Advice: heat them in the microwave before eating.

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