Classic, Pistachio, Cinnamon and Chocolate Cannoli!

Cannolo10_LCOur expert pastry chef Alessandro Scimone was telling me how many years ago Sicilian Cannoli were made by kneading sheep milk ricotta with pistachios, cinnamon or chocolate.

Thatโ€™s how we got the idea of proposing them on our website, under the category of Cannoli where you can also find classic cannoli and covered with pistachios.

Cannoli_R_Pist_LCAll of the wafers are internally covered with chocolate in order to make them more delicious and to better preserve the cannolo from ricotta humidity during transportation.

What do you think? Give us your advice or tell us about your experience.


92 Replies to “Classic, Pistachio, Cinnamon and Chocolate Cannoli!”

  1. Cannoli were wrapped singularly and then put inside special containers, they were delicious! A really quick expedition and excellent packaging. My biggest congratulations for your professionalism!

  2. The most delicious sweets directly from the source. Taste and look were great, delivery to Romania was fast, service was professional. We, all the family became fans, Thank you!!!!

  3. I was very curious to see how they will manage to arrange the delivery, but the guys did their best! Fresh and creamy, directly from Italy, grazie !

  4. Thank you for being fast and professional, all arrived as ordered and scheduled. Looking forward to trying some new products from you. Keep it up :-8

  5. Taste of Italy .. and delivery right for Saint Valentine’s day))))) my wifey is happy ! Many thanks from Sarah and Ted

  6. Cannoli, yum!!!! Indulge your sweet tooth, guys, they are ultimately good! Looking forward to try some new tastes!

  7. Good evening
    my family has already tried classic cannoli, which were very good, and later we tried also the ones with chocolate. Even better! I think next time we will have to order more, because they disappear too fast.
    The delivery was punctual, the procedure of ordering is easy and simple.
    Thank you from all our family!

  8. We ordered a box of chocolate-flavored cannoli Monday evening and enjoyed them on Wednesday. Thank you for fast delivery, it is very important for such a delicate product. They were so good. Next time we will go for a pistachio taste.

  9. We have ordered this gastronomic delight for our Italian party and … big thanks from us and all our guests ! Everything is fresh and tastes sooooo good, and what is more important – accurate delivery terms. Grazie guys !

  10. Hello all, I want to thank all your team, you are doing a great job. We had our first cannoli delivery, and in reality they are even better than at the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ Yummy and beautiful, with smooth delivery and neat packing. Thumps up, really.

  11. Hey there, your Sicilian sweets are really welcome in Chicago u know. Fast delivery within 48 hours and here we go with delicious creamy cannoli directly from Italy. Fast, tasty, professional, what else can I say.. Keep it up, u are doing a great job. Best regards from the Marchalls.

  12. Tried classic and cinnamon, now waiting for chocolate. Your cannoli are the best, hopefully the delivery service will be same fast in pre-holiday period.

  13. I think assorted cannoli for the family, everybody can choose what he/she likes. The only problem that they are getting eaten too fast. Good shop, thank you for tasty products, fast service and punctual delivery. Merry Xmas!

  14. Cannoli is a very delicate product and should be consumed when fresh. I’ve never expected to have the opportunity to try them outside Italy. But u can do it! Every cannolo is wrapped separately keeping its shape and preserving its creamy taste. Delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. so gooood! We have ordered mini cannoli as a test order – you passed it. Many thanks to the customer service, they explain everything politely and in details. Delivery as expected – punctual. Bravo

  16. Merry Christmas to my favorite online shop!!!!!! Thank you for what you do and a lot of prosperity in the coming year!!!!!!P.S. Love your chocolate cannoli!

  17. Hello and sorry for some delay, just wanted to wish you all the best for Xmas and a new year. We appreciate what you do and thank you for making our life sweet and nice. Merry Xmas

  18. Good evening i hope you all had a good Christmas.
    The cannoli are just delightful and cheese inside is fresh and tasty…. They arrived like a box of delicious surprise, very nice. Thank you for making it for us, best regards!

  19. Dear Don Leo, happy 2015 to you and all your crew. May your year be prosperous and full of events. We will continue to enjoy your delicious sweets and already booked a box of cannoli. All the best from all our family.

    The Boyers

  20. Here is my comment after my second experience with your shop:
    1) products of quality (we have ordered cannoli two times)
    2) punctual delivery
    3) responsive staff


  21. Thank you that you exist! It was fantastic! Big kiss from Belgium, sweet like your cannoli!

  22. Ordered chocolate-flavored cannoli as a present for our Italian friends. And guess what? They loved it and said it tastes like Sicily. Besides, the box is packed nicely and very presentable, thank you, good job.

  23. Many thanks from a happy customer, your cannoli are delicious) Compliments to don Leo)

  24. Pity I cannot order it ALLLLLL!! Delicious!! Any chances to get the recipe from your chef?))) Luv your cannoli))))

  25. Compliments, your service is very kind and helpful and the cannoli are delicious. Thank you very much.

  26. Between chocolate and cinnamon I choose… both lol
    thank you for this possibility to have wonderful Italian sweets.
    Very delicious cannoli, I feel like being in Italy
    Good weeekend and thanks!

  27. Good morning,
    our St. Valentine package is scheduled to arrive today, waiting impatiently for sweets, good holidays Don Leo, smack!!!!

  28. Good Friday morning from Maasdijk,
    your parcel arrived yesterday, these cannoli is the best sweet thing I have ever tried, so fresh and nicely packed, I would never believe that such a delicate thing can survive transportation, but they arrived perfectly wrapped and safe, you are great! Tnx and good weekend!

  29. hey hey don Leo
    compliments to your workers and to tasty products
    everything is delicious but chocolate cannoli will always be number one for me unless you are planning to surprise us with something new
    U r number one!

  30. Cup of coffee with an Italian sweet… Cannot wish any better) Thank you Don Leo for taking care of us

  31. The idea of mini sweets is really nice – they look good, taste wonderfully and don’t ruin the diet of my wife too much lol
    Compliments and thank u!

  32. Hi. Your shop was recommended by a friend and I have no regrets. With all variations of online shops I find your service fast and friendly and your cannoli … mmmmmm ) No words to describe!

  33. Dear don Leo, thanks a lot for introducing the world of the Italian food to us. We love your sweets and looking forward to tasting wines! Keep in touch and have a good weekend.

  34. Sweet and tender.. best ricotta. Just discovered a pistachio taste of your cannoli: it’s wonderful!

  35. Hello Everybody,
    I had my first experience with your shop and I like everything.
    Our order arrived on time, very nicely packed and the cannoli were very fresh and tasty. Next time I will order more ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Happy Easter, don Leo and thank you for your wonderful work, Your cannoli are adorable!

  37. Good morning all,
    just wanted to say thank you for a good service and very good food.
    Next time we will go for chocolate cannoli, hopefully they will be as delicious as classic ones.
    Good holidays

  38. Hi,
    my special thanks to don Leo and all your team.
    You are very flexible and skilled.
    And cannoli … They are a gastronomic masterpiece.
    Thank you!

  39. Hello Don Leo and we are back to your again, your cannoli are unforgettable! Waiting impatiently for our new parcel, hopefully it will be as fresh and fast as the last one!
    Best regards from Ashley

  40. Good morning to all, we just want to say thanks to your shop and all people who create these wonderfully delicious things for us. You are the best! Good weekend to all!

  41. Dear Don Leo
    your chocolate cannoli are a real masterpiece, so fresh and tasty! Big appreciation from Limerick. Thank you!

  42. Hello, just a short notice: we received your parcel, everything is on time, beautiful and very tasty. We like your shop and we will order again. Thanks and good day to all.

  43. Your cannoli are real dolce vita, thank u ๐Ÿ™‚ Also very reliable delivery conditions, thank you for your serious and passionate attitude to your work.

  44. Delicious taste combined with a very good service and fast delivery. You know how to do it, thank you for taking care of us ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. What can I say .. Who tried your cannoli at least once, will not accept anything else, really really tasty. Thank you.

  46. Dear dear Don LEO thank you very much to your shop and you personally. Your products are exactly as they should be: beautiful to look at and extremelly tasty to eat, special compliments to cannoli. Take care and thanks again

  47. Thank you for a fast delivery because we couldn’t wait long! Perfect as always! Compliments to your chef: these cannoli are tender and creamy!

  48. Supreme cannoli, best fresh and soft ricotta ever and thank you for a punctual delivery. Hoping to become your long-time customer. Good day to everybody

  49. Good evening, I offigially claim that I have tried all the tastes of your cannoli and still haven’t decided which one I like most ๐Ÿ™‚ Jokes apart – you are really good at what you do. Best regards from Rotterdam

  50. Good evening, we have been using your service since Aprile. Thank you for your attentive service and delightful products, especially sweets (cassata and cannoli). Best regards from your faithful customers.

  51. don Leo, our compliments
    your cannoli are superb, we got them very fast and the package is really cute.
    Looking forward to trying other “gusti” ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. High-quality product at optimal price and delivery terms. To be recommended! Thank you all!

  53. Bye-bye my diet but it was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ Tender taste of sweet ricotta is amazing, it is rally tempting to try also chocolate and pistachio taste, I will leave it for a Christmas period. Special thanks to your customer service and fast delivery solutions.

  54. Hi Don Leo your cannoli are so good specially chocolate ones. Thank you and I will be back with new orders

  55. Hello there, compliments for your work! Our trial package of cannoli arrived within 24 hours, with fresh and creamy sweets inside. We all loved them, good job!

  56. Good evening all
    I love all your products and cannoli in particular, always fresh and very very tasteful. Also the order is being proceeded really fast and professionally

  57. Dear all, I would like thank you for my positive experience to work with your shop. You have responsive service, you keep delivery terms and your products are so fresh and taste so good. Hoping to become your loyal customer. Thank you and have a good day!

  58. Dear don Leo and all your team, thank you for our wonderful experience to give a try to your delicious and quality products. Please consider us your loyal customers ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Our first experience with your shop was absolutely positive, including friendly service, adherence to delivery terms and wonderful quality of food (we ordered classical cannoli). Thank you and we will definitely place other orders soon.

  60. Dear Don Leo, we ordered marzipans and chocolate cannoli for our kid’s birthday. Everything arrived on time as promised, excellent quality of the food, your pastries are delicious! Thank you from our family for sharing this special occasion with us and looking forward to try your other products.

  61. Your cannoli are simply delightful! It was so exciting to unpack the box and to find them wrapped with care and attention, so fresh and creamy! The taste was supremely good beyond all our expectations, bravo!

  62. Crispy outside and tender inside,
    your cannoli are simply delicious! Greetings from Belgium!

  63. These cannoli are made with love and passion for those who are ready to appreciate an authentic Sicilian recipe.
    Cinnamon flavour was really a discovery for me, very good!

  64. I tried cannoli from this shop, they were delivered fast and safe, also fresh
    Delicious pastry and very tasty filling.

  65. Superb quality for a reasonable price plus good delivery service. Thanks a lot.

  66. Dear cannoliclick, good morning,
    we would like to thank you for sharing your tasty things with us
    and looking forward to try them all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good weekend!

  67. Hi to all, good shop, very nice selection of sweets, caring customer service and delivery is always on time. I would particularly recommend cannoli to start with, they are really good and always come fresh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Good morning
    it was my first experience and the feedback is absolutely positive.
    Cannoli are really good and fresh, your chef is a master! The package arrived as scheduled, reliable service, big thanks from one more satisfied customer

  69. I am a big fan of cannoli and must say that the selection in this shop is very good. I have already tried classic ones and chocolate ones, all arrived fresh, with delicious ricotta filling, nicely wrapped and packed. Good job! (thumb-up)!

  70. Definitely to be recommended. Cannoli are fresh and creamy, very tasty, fast delivery and positive experience in general. Thank you don Leo

  71. Always the best! The cheesy filling is so tender and melting the mouth, your cannoli are super!

  72. Hi, your online shop is very decent and professional, easy order procedure, punctual arrival and good food really, special compliments for cannoli.
    Best regards!

  73. The cannolis were excellent! My mother really enjoyed it. It brings back memories of when we visited my family in Sicily.

    Looking forward to placing a order on your Cassata.


  74. A few years ago in Italy we ordered cannoli, they were very delicious. So this time i decided to order them to Poland. Cannoli arrived fresh and on time. The next time i’ll order more.

    1. Hello, select please your destination at the top of the page and then add the products to the cart and get the cost including shipping. Ciao da!

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