Sicilian Cassata!

cassata kg1_LCThe authentic Sicilian Cassata just a click away on!

Old Confectionery Scimone’s pastry chefs will prepare it immediately the day after your online order, using high quality ingredients: ricotta cheese made up with pure sheep milk and 50% Sicilian almonds marzipan.

Your cassata will be put inside a special recipient inserted into a polystyrene container and sent within the 24 hours with UPS Express Saver.

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48 Replies to “Sicilian Cassata!”

  1. High quality products. The Cassata is really great, you have an exceptional customer care service; I give you an A+!!!!

  2. The Cassatas, cannoli and cheeses were perfect- we hope to enjoy them all again some time. Birthday time in May!

  3. The Cassata was perfect. I definitely will suggest your products to my friends here in Netherlands. Congratulations!!!

  4. A fresh Sicilian delight in Rotterdam! Looks amazing , tastes even better! thank you!

  5. Dear all, I tried your services for the first time, my compliments for punctual delivery .. and I have never expected to have a cassata outside Italy .. sweet memories of vacations, thanks.

  6. Hey guys, try cassata as a birthday dessert, it has been a huge success at my party 🙂 love you all ! Annie

  7. Hello,
    my sister and I are big fans of Italian desserts and it was not easy to make a choice so we have decided to order a mixed package of cannoli and mini cassatas. After two days we got a beautiful package with very fresh and nicely wrapped sweets, super tasty and melting in the mouth. Double choice for double pleasure, yes!!!! Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi there, it is my first comment online inspired by a positive experience. I love ricotta cheese and I love cassatas. It arrived directly from Sicily, on time, so fresh and full of taste. I don’t know how you do it, but thank you very much for your work and for making our life sweet and nice.

  9. What can be better than a Sicilian cassata? Ony BIG Sicilian cassata! lol
    Arrived sweet and fresh, thank you for doing it for us, now you have one more loyal customer!

  10. Delivery on time, the pastry is super fresh and cheesy cream is awesome! My wife really likes cute packing of these mini sweets , to say nothing of their delicious taste. Mini cassatas for maximum delight. Recommended!

  11. Hello Everybody! Cassata received, eaten and enjoyed! Very tasty, nicely packed!Thanks!

  12. Recommended! Good online shop with professional and flexible customer service, fast replies and client-oriented approach. Compliments to the chef for the cassata, fresh and exactly the right amount of sugar not to be excessive. Everything is appreciated, bravo!

  13. Hi, Willem from Delft here. I’m a super fan of Italian food, thank you to your online shop for making it more available for us. The cassata was so beautiful and fresh that it was a pity to cut and eat it. Very good taste, very delicious.

  14. Hi 🙂
    ordered, delivered and eaten… Good service, fast delivery and IT IS TASTYYYYYYY.. my girlfriend really liked it, thinking of some special delivery for St. Valentine 🙂

    Thanks to Don Leo!

  15. All our family is a big fan of Italian sweets, and cassata is one of the favorite. It is our second order and all is very good. Very fresh and tasty and it arrived fast. Thanx!

  16. Equally beautiful and delicious, cute little cassatas for our tea party, thank u VERY MUCH

  17. Hi
    we have been using your services for a while, especially for sweets (cassata is our favorite). I must say we are very happy with your products and conditions, you are professionals and we recommend you to all our friends. Thank you from all our big family.

  18. Your magic box arrived yesterday and we kept it for today’s St. Valentine 🙂
    It is so beautiful and tasty, we love your cassata.
    Thank you Don Leo and … nice weekend 🙂

  19. Good day everybody, this is our first feedback for Don Leo’s shop. We would like to thank you your personnel and especially your chef for a wonderful work that you are doing. It was the tastiest cassata we have ever had.
    Your loyal customers,
    Silvana and Patrick

  20. Thank you for being with us Don Leo. Be sure to have a loyal cannoli fan in Shropshire.

  21. Number one as usual!!Will getting back to your cassata right before the Easter!!
    Regards from Belgium

  22. Dear Don Leo good morning, it was our first experience with your shop and we will continue to order more. You and your staff are doing a great job both for gastronomic and logistics parts. Special thanks for this fantastic delight named cassata! Have a good day all of you!

  23. We received our first trial package with cassata, everything is very nice, so we are ready for a big birthday cake from Don Leo 🙂 It is nice to know that there are people so devoted and passionate about their work and you are one of them. Thank you for being with us.

  24. I love ricotta and it was my first time to try this Italian dessert – cassata. It is so fresh and sweet, fantastic!

  25. How do you do Don Leo
    I have read many good feedback about your food shop and got particularly interested in a birthday cassata cake. It is always a bit of risk to order products online but I must say that you and your employees do wonderful work. The delivery was fast as promised, the cake was beautifully packed with care and consideration and the taste … AMAZING! Thank you and wishing you a good long weekend from all my heart.

  26. Simply the best! Huuuge appreciation for your small cassata, I will go for a big one next time. Thank u Don Leo, u are always welcome to NL!

  27. Dear don Leo, I am already a big fan of your cannoli but then I had decided to try something new and ordered this wonderful dessert under your suggestion. Thank you for nice recommendations, we love it!

  28. Hi, your cassata is soooo beautiful and just delicious! The kids specially loved marzipans from the top, so next time we will order them separately. It is nice to deal with professionals, thank you!

  29. My order is just arrived and I am very satisfied by fast delivery and delicious cassata that brought us some sunny Italian spirit on this rainy day. Thank you for baking these delights for us and a good day to all your team!

  30. Ciao ciao and good evening, just took a moment to thank you guys for your wonderful work, and special regards to your cook because your cassata is equally tasty and beautiful. Not to forget fast service and very accurate approach to packing and order proceeding in general. Good job really!!!

  31. Compliments to Don Leo, we like your food very much, now we tried cassata and it is very fresh and tasty, many thanks and we’ll be back with new orders!

  32. Hello all, I have made some shopping with you before and now it is time to sum up my experience: 1. really delicious things, always fresh and perfectly flavored 2. you are very accurate with delivery terms, it is highly appreciated 3. I like the way it is packed and presented … my parents really liked it! Thank you for your work and get ready for new orders before Christmas!

  33. Thank you for bringing back our Italian vacations! With your delicious specialties we feel again warmth and hospitality of Italy! Cassata was fantastic, compliments to your chef!

  34. I tried this shop once, and the experience is positive – they work fast, the food arrived very fresh and nicely packed, the taste is beyond all expectations. definitely I will come back to try other specialties (it was cassata this time, delicious).

  35. In this festive period not to forget our beloved Master of Cassata!)) Please accept heartiest congratulations from your most devoted fans, you are professional and kind, Happy 2016!!!!

  36. Decent shop with a very good price / quality ratio and respected delivery conditions.

  37. I tried this shop after my friend’s recommendation and started with a small order of little cassatas that I really liked after my last vacations in Italy.
    I found this online interface easy to use and and to place an order and the service is responsive.
    All arrived on time, very nicely packed, and this cassata bought me back to my summer memories, very tasty and very well-made.
    I hope the same level of service and quality will be maintained in the future, coming back to try other delights 🙂
    regards from NL

  38. Positive experience, amazing food and respected terms and conditions.. coming back soon!

  39. Hi! We ordered a set of cassatas and chocolate cannoli for our son’s birthday. everything is fresh and supertasty all kids loved it. Special thanks for speedy transportation all arrived on time packed beautifully and with love. You are great!

  40. Hello I ordered a Cassata for an Italian boy for his 50 birthday , the time of delivery was perfect!!! But the cassata wa spectacular!!! Really fresh!!!!! Really nice!!

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