Classic, Pistachio, Cinnamon and Chocolate Cannoli!

Cannolo10_LCOur expert pastry chef Alessandro Scimone was telling me how many years ago Sicilian Cannoli were made by kneading sheep milk ricotta with pistachios, cinnamon or chocolate.

That’s how we got the idea of proposing them on our website, under the category of Cannoli where you can also find classic cannoli and covered with pistachios.

Cannoli_R_Pist_LCAll of the wafers are internally covered with chocolate in order to make them more delicious and to better preserve the cannolo from ricotta humidity during transportation.

What do you think? Give us your advice or tell us about your experience.


99 Replies to “Classic, Pistachio, Cinnamon and Chocolate Cannoli!”

  1. A few years ago in Italy we ordered cannoli, they were very delicious. So this time i decided to order them to Poland. Cannoli arrived fresh and on time. The next time i’ll order more.

    1. Hello, select please your destination at the top of the page and then add the products to the cart and get the cost including shipping. Ciao da!

  2. Hello all!
    After my third cooperation with Cannolionline I must say you really know how to please your customers: fast delivery, helpful assistance and quality of food is very high (we tried cannoli and cassata). Good shop!

  3. Thank you for making our holidays so sweet! All the best to your team in a new year!

  4. Good morning Don Leo
    I’d like to thank you and all your people for wonderful work that you do. Your sweets are prepared with love and care and we feel it and appreciate it. Greetings from your loyal customer!

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